ValvTechnologies Europe celebrates five-year safety milestone
Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017
ValvTechnologies Europe, the leading service provider for control, safety relief, parallel slide gate and manual valves across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, announced today that the company reached five years without a lost-time injury. This achievement for the company, which employs more than 10 valve service mechanics and 12 office staff, marks a major safety milestone in the promotion of and focus on health, safety and the prevention of accidents across the organization.

General Manager, Benny McCallum, said this accomplishment is a testament to ValvTechnologies Europe’s employees who are resolute in their beliefs that health, safety and environment are vital in successful operations. “We are extremely proud of our employees for this considerable accomplishment,” McCallum said. “The attention and training that are needed to reach this achievement takes an enormous amount of time and resources, but the results of a safe workplace are well worth the effort.”

This accomplishment is even more impressive when you recognize that ValvTechnologies Europe's employees kept their safety focus while operating and working around heavy equipment, managing hazardous materials and performing services for oil and gas, fossil power and nuclear power companies across the UK. “Achieving five years without a loss time incident requires making deliberate choices each and every day,” McCallum continued. “I’m grateful for our employees’ commitment to safety and look forward to a sixth year without a lost-time accident.”

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